Aug 2
USD/JPY - May 18, 2011: Testing Level 81.95
Wednesday, 18 May 2011 05:02

Yesterday: Open 80.85 High 81.78 Low 80.74 81.43 Close

Since the Asian trading session begins, the movement of the Yen yesterday already looks bullish to penetrate the resistance level at 81.30 and reached a peak at the highest level at 81.78 daily. Furthermore, the yen experienced a correction of about 50 pips from the highest level daily. Overall daily high low range of the Yen in the range of 100 pips.

Currently Yen will continue its bullish still looks back to the graph H1.

The focus of today's economic data for USD / JPY is JPY Tertiary Industry Activity m / m in at 6:50 pm


If the rise continues, prices likely headed to the 81.95 resistance level.

We recommend that if berkelanjut decreased and the trend line through the diagonal, then the price opened up opportunities leading to the 80.68 support level.

Prices shown on the graph line H1 and M10 MA05 bullish conditions intersect.

While the Stochastic indicator indicating a bullish opportunity.