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USD/CHF Analysis-May 31,2011
Tuesday, 31 May 2011 02:04

Forex USD/CHF Intraday Analysis - May 31, 2011: Testing Level 0.8413

Yesterday: Open 0.8512 High 0.8532 Low 0.8492 Close 0.8523 : Testing Level 0.8413

All day yesterday, Frank in the sideways movement in the American market is being given a holiday.

Currently, Frank looks bearish movement.

The focus of today's economy for the USD/CHF are:

1. Report Gross Income Per Capita per quarter
2. Consumerism Indicators Report


If an increase trend lines diagonally through the open opportunities to the 0.8628 resistance level.

We recommend that if the decline continues, opening opportunities to the support level at 0.8413.

Prices shown on the graph H1 line MA05 and MA10 bearish conditions.

While the Stochastic indicator is still likely to indicate a bearish but the condition is being oversold.