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EUR/USD Analysis-May 31,2011
Tuesday, 31 May 2011 02:31

Forex EUR / USD Intraday Analysis - May 31, 2011: Testing the 1.4461 Level, Alert Corrections

Yesterday: Open 1.4290 High 1.4307 Low 1.4256 Close 1.4286

All day yesterday, the movement of the Euro in flat conditions given in the American market is on vacation.

Currently, the visible movement of Euro bullish.

There is no focus on economic data today for EUR / USD. 


If the price increases continue to open opportunities to the 1.4461 resistance level.

Conversely if the decline continues, the price of open opportunities to the 1.4201 level.

Prices shown on the graph H1 line MA05 and MA10 bullish conditions.

While the Stochastic indicator indicates there is still bullish but cautious correction because it is overbought.