Jul 28

EUR/USD Technical Analysis - 13/April

By Praful Patat  05:00 GMT

EURUSD is still up trend in progress and forming channel within channel. EURUSD backed from 38.2% at 1.4394, extension at 1.4554, 1.4638. EURUSD completed 161.8% extension at 1.4470 and retrace toward 1.4082, 1.3836 area in bigger range this is only possible if not break of 1.4470 extension. If EURUSD won’t go extension then also possible to form Head and Shoulder pattern on 4 hour chart, confirm after going down side toward 1.4374 then again going up side at 1.4486 and then down 1.4337, 1.4288 area.

New High:  1.4498, 1.4569, 1.4547.

New Low:  1.4356, 1.4427, 1.4404.

Pivot Point: R3-1.4598, R2-1.4544, R1-1.4511, PP-1.4457, S1-1.4403, S2-1.4369, S3-1.4315.

EUR/USD Chart 13/April

EUR/USD Technical Chart 13/april