Apr 3
EUR/USD Analysis-June 03,2011
Written by Praful Patat   
Friday, 03 June 2011 05:17

EURUSD broke 1.4454 resistance and going toward next daily resistance 1.4567. EURUSD still in up trend zone, possible break of 1.4567 resistance for further going up side 1.4691 74.6% of 1.4949 to 1.3969. EURUSD break of 1.4454 support next target will be 1.4339. If EURUSD will reverse from 1.4567-1.4691 area, extension is 1.3710-1.3374 area on  long term. EURUSD break of 1.4691 resistance long term trend change to up trend and going up side toward 1.5053 daily resistance. EURUSD break of 1.4567 strong resistance possible further move up side toward 1.4691 resistance on intraday. In EURUSD not break of 1.4256 support trend will be remain up trend.

New High:1.4510, 1.4672, 1.4722.

New Low:1.4381,  1.4337, 1.4289.