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London Session
London Session Forex Maket
Tuesday, 08 February 2011 18:37

It’s very difficult to keep a track of each and every activity of the forex market, as it remains open 24 hours a day except weekends. It is quite impossible for a trader to respond each movement instantly. The best thing to achieve virtue from constantly changing forex market is to trade during one’s own trading hours. Liquidity and the trading range of various currency pairs is highly influenced by the geographical position and the trading hours in which the trader is carrying on trade. To utilize your capital at its best try to find out the session of the forex market when the currency pairs are at their highest value. There are three different sessions of the forex market and they are the london session, USA session and the Asian session.

The largest and the most happening trading center of UK is the London market or the london session. London is considered to be the world’s largest transaction center as it occupies the market share of almost 30 percent of the whole market. The global turn over of the london sessions increased from 31.3 percent to 34.1 percent in the last few years. Most of the biggest banks of the world operate in London, as a result there is always high forex transactions during the london session due high liquidity and sustainability of this market.

There are a number of trading pairs that you can trade in the UK market however the best trading pairs during london sessions are considered to the GBP/JPY and GBP/CHF currency pairs. The London hours are considered to be the busiest in the forex market around the globe and currency moves of 80-200 pips is quite frequent in these hours. If you want to earn big from the london sessions you must follow the trend-trading strategies as the trends occurs each day in the London market of foreign exchange.

Although every session has its own trends, inclination and movements still the london session, the US Session and the Asia session are interconnected with each other. The market becomes highly liquid and vibrant when the trading sessions of the two markets overlaps with each other. For example the london session and the US session overlaps for the duration of 8 A.M.-12 P.M. EST. Almost seventy percent of overall trading of the currencies occur in this period. The UK market and the Asia market overlaps at 2 A.M.-4 A.M. EST.

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