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Asia Session
Asian Forex Market Session
Tuesday, 08 February 2011 18:51

Forex market is entirely different in its operation as compare to stock market. Stock market operates just for a few hours where as forex market operates 24 hours like an active beast. The market is spirited with trade five days a week except weekends. It is rightly said that foreign exchange market is a global market as you can trade Over the Counter in this market. As we already said that fx market never closes however it is divided in various sessions. There are three markets that comprise three different sessions. These markets are the asian market, the UK market and the US or New York market. You can divide the market in three sessions of 8 hours each. When one session closes the other opens and two of them overlap with each other to take the liquidity of forex market to the highest point.

The forex exchange market kick starts from asian market each day as this session starts at 7 PM to 4AM EST. Most of the trading action of asia market takes place in the cities of Sydney, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore. At most of the time liquidity in asian markets of various cities is low as compared to US and UK markets.

Although asian markets regarding foreign exchange are quite calm and low but you can make money in certain time slots of these markets. According to forex experts asia market is best for the traders that use sideways or ranging marketing strategies to earn money from the foreign exchange. The most popular currency trading pairs used in this market are USD/JPY, EUR/JPY, and EUR/USD. The most active pair in this market is USD/JPY as both the US dollar and Japanese Yen are two important international currencies in terms of trading.

The advantage of trading in asian markets is that you can pick consistent, reliable and steady patterns of currency pairs in this market because the pace of this market is much slower as compared to other two markets. Major players in the asian market regarding foreign currency trading are the central banks and commercial exporters around the world. Most of these banks trading in the market are the direct competitors of each other so they try to make asia market a bit tense and unsustainable.

The Asia session section of gives you the absolute information regarding the behavior and temperament of the asian forex market.