Mar 16
Holiday's Calendar
Thursday, 22 July 2010 20:30


Calendar of holidays and official day-offs of the world financial markets for 2011.

Date Name of the holiday or official day-off Name of Exchange


01.01 New Year's Day NYSE, NYMEX, CME
17.01 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day NYSE, NYMEX, CME
21.02 Presidents Day or Washington's Birthday NYSE, NYMEX, CME
22.04 Good Friday NYSE, NYMEX, CME
30.05 Memorial Day NYSE, NYMEX, CME
04.07 Independence Day NYSE, NYMEX, CME
05.09 Labor Day NYSE, NYMEX, CME
10.10 Columbus Day CME
11.11 Veterans Day CME
24.11 Thanksgiving Day NYSE, NYMEX, CME
26.12 Christmas Day NYSE, NYMEX, CME


03.01 New Year's Day LME, IPE, LIFFE
22.04 Good Friday LME, IPE, LIFFE
25.04 Easter Monday LME, IPE, LIFFE
02.05 Early May Bank Holiday LME, IPE, LIFFE
30.05 Spring Bank Holiday LME, IPE, LIFFE
29.08 Summer Bank Holiday LME, IPE, LIFFE
26.12 Christmas Day LME, IPE, LIFFE
27.12 Boxing Day LME, IPE, LIFFE


01.01 New Year's Day TSE, TOCOM, C-COM
02.01 New Year's Day TSE, TOCOM, C-COM
03.01 New Year's Day TSE, TOCOM, C-COM
10.01 Coming of Age Day TSE, TOCOM, C-COM
11.02 National Foundation Day TSE, TOCOM, C-COM
21.03 Vernal Equinox TSE, TOCOM, C-COM
29.04 Showa Day TSE, TOCOM, C-COM
03.05 Constitution Memorial Day TSE, TOCOM, C-COM
04.05 Greenery Day TSE, TOCOM, C-COM
05.05 Children's Day TSE, TOCOM, C-COM
18.07 Marine Day TSE, TOCOM, C-COM
19.09 Respect for the Aged Day TSE, TOCOM, C-COM
23.09 Autumn Equinox TSE, TOCOM, C-COM
10.10 Health-Sports Day TSE, TOCOM, C-COM
03.11 Culture Day TSE, TOCOM, C-COM
23.11 Labor Thanksgiving Day TSE, TOCOM, C-COM
23.12 Emperor's Birthday TSE, TOCOM, C-COM
31.12 New Year's Day TSE, TOCOM, C-COM

NYSE – New York Stock Exchange
NYMEX – New York Merchantile Exchange
CME – Chicago Merchantile Exchange

LME – London Metal Exchange
IPE – International Petroleum Exchange (London)
LIFFE – London International Financial Futures Exchange

TSE – Tokyo Stock Exchange
TOCOM – Tokyo Commodity Exchange 
C-COM – Central Japan Commodity Exchange