Mar 16
EURO Fundamental
Euro Strengthens Related Speculation ECB's monetary tightening
Tuesday, 05 July 2011 06:21

The euro rose 0.3% related to three weeks against the dollar on speculation European Central Bank (ECB) will continue to lead the U.S. counterpart to monetary tightening.

The euro was 0.2% of the highest four-week high against the yen related to the prospect that the ECB will raise interest rates on 7. According to 54 economists surveyed by Bloomberg, ECB on July 7, will increase the benchmark interest rate to 1.5% from 1.25%.

The euro traded at around $ 1.4537 at 9:03 am in Tokyo from $ 1.4539 in New York yesterday, when it reached $ 1.4578 yesterday, its highest level since June 9. The currency was at 117.53 yen from 117.47 range. Touched 117.74 yen yesterday, the strongest since June 8. Dollar up 80.85 yen from 80.80. Meanwhile, the U.S. financial markets closed on Monday related to the Independence Day holiday.

Euro Falls From Highest Level After 1 Month S & P Comments About Greece
Tuesday, 05 July 2011 06:19

The euro slipped from the level of one-month highs against the dollar after Standard & Poor's said that Greece's debt rollover plan is being considered to put the Greeks to the selective default, although hopes for Greece supported the second bailout.

The euro has reached its highest level at $ 1.4580 a month earlier after a weekend decision by eurozone finance ministers to agree to loan 12 billion euros are needed to prevent default. The euro fell from around $ 1.4550 to as low as $ 1.4491 immediately after the comment the S & P. The euro closed at $ 1.4526 level close early because the American Independence Day holiday.

Australian dollar fell 0.4 percent to $ 1.0735 after shocking report in the Australian retail sales. Reserve Bank of Australia is expected to keep rates on hold on Tuesday at 4.75 percent level.

The Euro Was at $ 1.4480, Level 2-week Highs
Thursday, 30 June 2011 06:30

Euro rises to highest level in two weeks against the dollar after Greece taking the other steps considered important to help the Country avoid a shortage of debt default.

The Euro rose as high as $ 1,4480, then slumped to $ 1,4476 in the final act. This was up from $ 1,4445 at the end of trading Tuesday in North America.

Among other major currencies, the pound sterling United Kingdom rose to $ 1,6078 from $ sebelmunya in 1,5945. Against the yen, the dollar fell to ¥ 80,70, compared to the previous level of ¥ 81,14.

The Euro Strengthened Related Debt Roll-Over Plan For Greece
Tuesday, 28 June 2011 05:39

The Euro strengthened against the dollar over Greece's creditors to be optimism approves Division of Greece debt financing to stave off default.

The Euro strengthened against 11 of the 16 major currencies traded after Germany welcomed the proposal of the French against the lender's participation in a voluntary debt plan. Members of the Parliament of Greece tomorrow will hold voting about budget cuts and the sale of assets that are necessary to secure the payment of loans and financing for the future.

"The initial reaction was quite positive for the euro," said Grant Turley, senior currency strategist at & Australia New Zealand Banking Group Ltd in Sydney.

Euro: Demand for Swiss Francs
Thursday, 26 May 2011 06:05

EUR: Debt Problems Increasing Demand for Swiss Francs. After a break of one day, investors have returned to sell euros and other currencies are superior. The rally yesterday in the currency market is very suspicious especially considering change of equity prices, demand for the Franc Switzerland and increase in the price of gold.

Tonight, can come a new round of risk aversion which not only raised but make the Franc is at new record highs against the euro. It can be said that the current safe haven dominated the trade because of the strengthening Yen Japan, Switzerland Francs and u.s. dollars.