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About Forex Trading EVO

Forex Trading Evo is the pioneer in Forex Trading Education. Our online forex trading courses will help you throughout your Currency trading. Our education is not only for professionals but also very necessary for newbies. This course will teach you all aspect of forex currency trading. Online currency trading is become very simple and understandable through our course. Our Currency trading courses are highly tested by the forex pros.

Forex trading (also called Forex, FX, or currency trading) describes trading of many currencies of the world. Forex is the biggest and least regulated market providing the high liquidity to investors. Daily volume in the currency or forex markets is around $4.0 trillion per day. By comparison with NYSE daily volume averages $30 billion a day. We are new but very best in forex trading education. We will teach you all aspects of online Forex Trading or currency trading using the latest and up to date courses.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced currency trader, now you can have the most comprehensive and professional learning experience available today in forex trading market on We offer this experience in our website in free of cost… yes free of cost…We just need your support and courage to provide this knowledge with forex education free of cost.

This portal will always provide good knowledge and unbiased information, to enable their users to take better and more confident decision in trading forex.  In this portal we are offering experts opinions from all over the world. Furthermore, is very proud of its sections on Forex Education, Analysis, Daily Signals, Forex News and daily exclusive analysis, as with these sections will manage to make strong collaboration of the entire Forex Industry, from beginners to professionals with forex brokers and investment banks.
Here are the highlights of this website:

Forex News:

We are here to provide fast track news to our Forex traders. They don’t need to watch any channel side by side. We regularly upgrade our news section.

Technical Analysis:

We have specialized technical analysts who are professionals and trained in this field and have been working in the industry since many years. They are agreed to share their thoughts with our Forex traders every morning.

Fundamental Analysis:

On daily basis, we provide Fundamental Analysis. It tells you what major data do we have everyday and how much these data swing on news. This is one of our exclusive materials.

Pivot Point:

We post daily pivot point and support and resistance for our forex traders. They can easily know where the market will go everyday.

Economic Calendar:

We have past economic analysis for the month. So our members can see economic calendar for the whole month.

Forex School:

We have a section that contains material through which you can learn and trade better. We will provide Forex Certificate in the near future for our students. All are free.

Broker Review:

We have  a section that will offer you complete information of the Forex broker. We have huge and refine data for searching best broker. We have categorized the Forex data  by search with Name, Spread, Regulation, Trading Platform, Islamic account etc etc …

CHAT Room: is offering Forex Chat Room to trader who can communicate with them and solve their issues. They can discuss everything in our chat section live with the Forex experts.

And much more!